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We're backed by SkyDeck, StartX, National Science Foundation, and Cantos VC, and have multiple patents granted. We are a software team tackling meaningful challenges that people with hearing loss face, to empower people to learn about their hearing and hear clearly from the comfort of their homes. We care about culture and having fun working together, and you will join and contribute to a company culture where mutual respect, collaboration, curiosity, and pushing boundaries are core to the company’s values. Ideally, you will bring an energetic, fun, and “always learning” mindset.

You will be on the front lines of the digital health revolution, working on one of the most significant yet underserved challenges today, hearing loss. Over 1 Billion people worldwide have hearing loss, including our founder Amy Li (Stanford MBA, UC Berkeley Engineering) who went through 7 pairs of hearing aids over the last 26 years. We have developed patented technology that can enable ​one billion people worldwide with hearing loss to hear clearly​. An alarming 80% of people with hearing loss don't gain access to solutions that would help them. We are solving the frictions of pricing, accessibility, reduced stigma and customized audio quality.

This is a huge opportunity to build impactful solutions for all these people to hear clearly, changing the landscape of hearing and audio software technology to empower people to hear clearly from the comfort of their own homes. We need you to develop the website components of our solution to deliver an amazing experience to the customer. As a startup, we all wear multiple hats, so you'll also work with some psychoacoustic and audio software tech at the start.

You will be joining the team at an exciting time - our MVP product is coming together and we are gearing up for launch. That being said, you will have the responsibility to develop website features and build the front door of what the world sees and engages with when they meet us.

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